Toyota Land Cruiser HZJ77 ZX Wide Body

The most handsome, the most fully-featured and luxurious 70 series Land Cruiser around, this HZJ77 is the top trim 70 you could buy in 1992. Think of it as the ‘Gentleman's Cruiser’.

For when you want to show the world you can dress up, but are still able to weather the apocalypse. This ZX 70 series will take you to wherever it is you need to go come hell or high water.

Finished in two tone silver and navy blue, this HZJ77 is the long wheelbase, 4 door model. In the front bumper is the OEM electric Toyota winch that functions perfectly even after 28 years. Factory bullbar sits atop the winch. Fender flares arch over the aftermarket wheels and brand new tires giving a serious look. Paint, while not perfect, shines brightly while the body itself is in fantastic shape with virtually no dings. Absolutely zero rust, dents or damage of the sort. Original spare tire cover declaring LAND CRUISER is mounted on the back, where it belongs.

Interior is in truly amazing shape. For most of its life the seats were covered which explains the complete lack of stains, damage, fading or really even any wear. Driver and passenger seats ride on top of a suspension system. The seat fabric is exclusive to the ZX models in this year, which is a much more robust option than what was typically available. Front seats themselves have thicker bolstering as well. Everything inside is completely original down to the OEM Toyota head unit. Original owner’s manual is in the glove compartment. Above is a sunroof, another luxurious touch. In the center console hides a rear heater, if you ever need to give the rear passengers a toasty boost. Air conditioning functions perfectly and will have shivering in no time.

This HZJ77 is the perfect choice for the sort of family that really wants to get away from it all. You get all the convenience and features you can expect out of the early 90s, with the absolute rock-solid reliability and dependability of a 70 series Land Cruiser.

  • 1992 Toyota Land Cruiser HZJ77-0003911
  • 4.2L HZ Diesel Engine
  • 5 Speed Manual Transmission
  • 146,000 miles (234,000 km)
  • Four Wheel Drive
  • Low Range
  • Solid Axles Front and Rear
  • OEM Toyota Electric Winch
  • Leaf Spring Suspension on All Four Corners
  • Air Conditioning
  • New Tires
  • New Wheels
  • Right Hand Drive
  • Clean Florida Title

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