1997 Nissan Regulus Terrano Starfire

This vehicle is currently in New England for a filming opportunity. It is available for shipment anywhere in the continental United States

This is something we never got here, except we did. This is essentially a late 90s Nissan Pathfinder or Infiniti QX4, but with some very special Japanese flair. High reliability, ease of maintenance, and no Toyota tax, this capable 4WD SUV comes as it did from the Nissan factory 25 years ago. Yes, this body kit is original. Autech, daughter company to Nissan and sister company to NISMO, is a branch focused on specialty customization of Nissan in house vehicles. Responsible for some of the most interesting variations to be sold in Japan, such as the 4 door version of the R33 GT-R, the Wagon version of the R34 GT-R, and even a chopped S15 Silvia modified with a convertible hard top. Autech is responsible for the vehicle you see here.

The R50 Terrano was introduced to the US market as the Nissan Pathfinder, however, the closest domestic relative that the Terrano Regulus has is the upscale Infiniti QX4. Based on the same platform as the Pathfinder and Terrano, the QX4 and Terrano Regulus feature an upscale interior, upgraded sound system, and other options not available to the regular spec cars.

The first generation Pathfinder, introduced in 1987, laid important groundwork for the more refined 2nd generation. The first generation was among one of the first vehicles to offer the ability to electronically switch between 2WD and 4WD while driving, without operating a manual transfer case, a feature that set it apart at the time. By the time the 2nd generation was introduced in 1995, this feature was still reasonably unique and quite useful for rural and semi-rural lifestyles. Today, Pathfinders of this generation have a reputation for reliability, off-road capability right from the factory, and vest of all, value. No Toyota Tax here!

The R50 Pathfinder features an interesting combination of MacPherson strut front suspension and a multi-point live-axle rear, which provides a better on road handling experience without compromising hugely in offroading or low traction scenarios. They were outfitted with two engine options in the US. The 3.3L was the penultimate member in the VG series of V6 engines, in development since 1979, followed only by a Supercharged version available in the USDM Frontier and Xterra. Mature in it's development, the VG33 was reliable and proven, if not particularly thrilling, sporting just 180hp and 200lbft of torque. The other option was the then-new VQ35DE, which would go on to be the long term replacement for the VQ series. Still in production today, the VQ is found in many Nissans, and is often regarded as a reliable and powerful motor. In 2001, when it was introduced as an option for the Pathfinder/Terrano, it was certainly a powerful upgrade, with 240hp and 240lbft of torque. However, early versions of the VQ motor proved not to be as reliable as the 3.3L VG. 3 Diesel options were also available overseas.

  • 1997 Nissan Terrano Regulus Starfire - JLR50-001584
  • 160,000 km (~100k miles)
  • 3.3L VG33E V6
  • 2WD/4WD with high/low transfer case and locking center differential
  • Automatic Transmission with transmission cooler
  • Factory tow-hitch
  • Air conditioning
  • Upgraded stereo and speakers
  • Perfect condition interior
  • Right Hand Drive
  • Clean Florida Title

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