1996 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado KZJ90 Round Headlights

For those familiar with the venerable Land Cruiser and, in particular, the 2 door versions, it should come as no surprise that this 90 Series Prado is everything the series offered up to the 1995 model year and more. 1996 introduced the mechanically redesigned and facelifted version of the Land Cruiser Prado, sporting an entirely new look that was much more up to speed with the modern design queues of Toyota at the time and would remain relevant into the 2000's. Of the Japanese manufacturers, Toyota was the one that was able to transition most easily into what would later become iconic styling while managing somehow to skip the awkward design flaws of many of the "Bubble-Era" Japanese cars (looking at you, Nissan). This particular model is equipped with the factory optional round headlight kit, giving it an especially unique throwback front fascia, while still seeming new and updated. To this day, not much has changed in the modern styling of Land Cruisers and other Toyota SUVs that isn't territory already laid by the 90 series.

Mechanically, the 90 series also introduced independent front suspension to give the car more road friendly manners, making this car a very enjoyable and refined car to drive in town. It's offroad characteristics have not diminished for this change either, due to a uniquely large gap between the upper and lower control arms. This model is equipped with the 1KZ-TE 3.0L turbo diesel motor from the previous generation, though now equipped with an intercooler which lends to better power and efficiency, and helps combat some of the temperature control issues previous versions of the motor experienced.

Exterior and interior on this Prado show very well, with minor blemishes typical of cars of this age. The only noticiable flaw on the car is a crack on the left side of the rear bumper.

Continuing the theme of refinement, this car truly is a pleasure to sit in and drive. Smooth power steering, ice cold A/C, and a satisfying whirr of the turbo make this ride unlike anything you could get in the US. Just as capable on road as off-road, this Prado can take you anywhere and everywhere, and is ready for you to set out on your next adventure.

  • 1996 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado KZJ90
  • KZJ90-0006088
  • 203,000 km ~or~ 126,500 Miles
  • 3 Liter 1KZ-TE Turbo Diesel Engine
  • 5 Speed Manual
  • Full Time 4WD
  • Low Range Transfer Case
  • A/C

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