1995 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado SX KZJ71 Narrow Body w/ Diff Lock

Take this short wheelbase Prado wherever you damn well please, because while a road is a nice thing to have when piloting this diff-locking, 5 speed manual turbo diesel wonder, it is certainly not a requirement.

Repeat after me: Turbo diesel 3 liter KZ engine. 5 speed manual transmission. Locking rear differential. Short wheelbase, body-on-frame construction. Solid front and rear axles. Coil sprung suspension. Brand new BF Goodrich K02 tires mounted on old style black steel wheels with dog dish center caps. Two doors. Congratulations, you just described why this particular first-generation Land Cruiser Prado whips.

Gold n’ bold over the narrow body variant, this Prado has a classic look about it. A clean, trim profile with no extraneous details. The short wheelbase gives it unrivaled maneuverability be it in a bog somewhere or the parking lot of Costco. You may note the unforgivable set of spelling and grammar mistakes on the spare tire cover. Just nod sagely, know it in your heart that it’s a part of the charm and focus instead on the giant letters spelling out “PRADO”. The already-mentioned black steel wheels set inside new K02s adorned with the chrome center caps contribute to making this a drop-dead gorgeous truck. Everyone recognizes and appreciates a Land Cruiser, even if they don’t notice you’re sitting on the other side of a Land Cruiser they are probably seeing for the very first time.

Inside is awash in what Toyota calls ‘sable’, but you or I would call it ‘beige’. That’s not a knock by the way, I find the interior of this Prado excellent to be enveloped in. Seating for 5 is what is listed, but that 5th person better be a small kid or they are going to hate riding with you. Power windows, power locks, 5 speed manual, diff lock switch and push button 4WD with lever-actuated low range. You do have to get out to lock your hubs, but nobody ever has anything bad to say about AISIN hubs. Air conditioning works perfectly, as does heat. Your stereo is a clean and simple Clarion M508, giving you all the musical connectivity you desire without throwing off the interior aesthetic. Speakers themselves have been upgraded at some point in the past and sound quite excellent. Previous owner was a non-smoker as evidenced by the spotless ashtray and cigarette lighter, also the complete lack of burns. Rear seats can fold forward giving you more cargo space when the time arrives.

Tires are brand new, batteries are brand new. We also replaced the air conditioning condenser with a professionally remanufactured OEM one from Japan, along with a new dryer.

A 2-door short wheelbase KZ Prado with a 5 speed manual transmission and difflock is perhaps the greatest form of personal transport available. We here at Limerence adore Prados and this gold one has been used as our personal vehicle for the past few months. You can’t go wrong with a KZ Prado.

  • 1995 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado KZJ71-0004342
  • 3 Liter KZ Turbo Diesel Engine
  • 5 Speed Manual Transmission
  • 130,000 Miles (209,000 km)
  • Four Wheel Drive
  • Low Range
  • Rear Locking Differential
  • Solid Axles Front and Rear
  • Coil Sprung Suspension
  • Four Wheel Disc Brakes
  • Air Conditioning w/ New Condenser + Service
  • New Tires
  • Right Hand Drive
  • Clean Florida Title

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