1994 Toyota Hilux Single Cab Long Bed Nishige Construction

People love to use ‘rare’ to describe any JDM vehicle they are peddling but this truck is wholly unique. There are no others like this. The amount of character this truck just oozes takes it beyond most anything else we’ve ever had. No place for peacocking. You will see what kind of person someone is when they see this Hilux out on the road. Thumbs up, nods of approval, a positive interaction, usually. Sometimes though brodozers don’t like the Hilux because it emasculates them just by existing. I’d feel conflicted too if my identity was undone by some old man from generations ago.

This 1994 Hilux just might be the most pure form of ‘pickup’. Body on frame with solid front and rear axles with leaf springs at all four corners. Single cab, long bed, fully-cast iron 3L 2.8 liter diesel engine, completely mechanical injection pump with a 5 speed manual transmission. Dual battery setup. Fully-mechanical and lever-actuated 4x4 transfer case, manual AISIN locking hubs. Integrated cargo rack on the bed with tie-downs spaced evenly along the outer lip. Original factory steel wheels, painted white, wrapped in brand new BF Goodrich KO2s white letters out. Completely vinyl interior with a single bench seat, roll up windows and completely analog instrument cluster. You don’t even get a tachometer. The single luxury option equipped on this truck (and boy is it a good one) is wonderfully cold air conditioning. Because this truck is a 1994 the AC is a factory-original R134 system. Your headunit is an OEM Toyota radio. This truck is a true immortal.

The hand-painted signs on either door are for “Nishige Construction”, as the ultimate purpose of this Hilux was to haul ‘HIGH PRESSURE GAS’ in a tank that was mounted in the bed. The tank has since been removed. As this truck was bought as a fleet vehicle it was originally white, but painted this forest-service green and put into service upon purchase. It does have various scratches and dents as would be common for a 26 year old work truck, but has been lovingly maintained otherwise. Pictures speak for themselves as to the condition. Everything is functional, everything works, and this beautiful rig will take you wherever you need to go, be it highways or where you don’t even have a vague suggestion of ‘road’.

This legendary Hilux is without equal. The cleanest, most focused example that you will probably ever see. She’ll do highway speeds, will putter all day through traffic, meander through muddy ruts or coast across the tops of dunes. It will not die, it will not quit and it will always be ready to work. It will do all of this without loud, obnoxious blustering, without leather seats or electronic touch screens, without needing anyone to acknowledge that it is capable. This 1994 Toyota Hilux knows exactly what it is capable of, and it also knows just how long it will be capable: till the heat death of the universe.

  • 1994 Toyota Hilux LN106-0111682
  • 2.8 Liter 3L Diesel Engine
  • 5 Speed Manual Transmission
  • 69,000 Miles (111,000 km)
  • Four Wheel Drive
  • Low Range
  • Sold Axles Front and Rear
  • Leaf Spring Suspension on All Four Corners
  • Air Conditioning
  • New BF Goodrich KO2s
  • Right Hand Drive
  • Clean Florida Title
  • Ability to Bring Up That Episode of Top Gear With Obnoxious Confidence

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