1994 Mitsubishi Delica Super Exceed P35W

You are looking at the ultimate end result of the L300 Delica. Being a ‘Super Exceed’ means there are no other trim levels beyond, this is it. You get all the benefits of the much-lauded Chamonix package, with the thick pile carpet, uprated floor mats, durable seat fabric and the cold weather package. You also get a completely flocked interior, no metal is exposed nor can you touch any hard plastic, everything is soft and comfortable. You get the COOL BOX, power windows, dual factory R134 air conditioning, dual heaters, Crystal Lite Roof, and weirdly a 5 speed manual transmission. I say weirdly because according to Mitsubishi's sales brochures at the time the Super Exceed included an automatic transmission. Guess this one snuck through.

This Delica wears two tone paint, slightly sparkly black on top and silver along the bottom. Factory bull bar, side step and rear bumper bar are in excellent condition. Original wheels with their included center caps are in good shape as are the tires that wrap them. Flaws and blemishes are few for a vehicle 25 years old. A small bubble is forming just under the rear glass. Front door handles do show a poor attempt to paint. All glass is clean and clear. Underside is exceptionally clean as the skid plates show no damage or wear. To say this was never taken offroad wouldn’t be surprising, but it’s almost like it was never driven at all! On the back you get a cool ‘Ralli Art Club Style’ sticker.

Inside is the good stuff. Thick pile carpeting and even thicker floor mats with Chamonix-style seats throughout. Everything is where it should be, save for they center pod that usually goes on the dashboard that includes an interior and exterior thermometer and inclinometer. Previous owner had a (poorly installed) TV installed there, though the vehicle included the OEM inclinometer pod. We had to have that shipped separately, and it is included with the purchase of the van. Besides that, everything is clean, clear and in glorious original condition. Gauge cluster says it all, with an odometer showing under 86,000 total kms, translating to an absurdly low 54,000 miles. In the center starting at the bottom you’ve got the functioning COOL BOX, which can both heat and cool its contents and also make ice. Above that is the HVAC controls, including excellent functional air conditioning and heat. The original double-din OEM headunit will also be included (it is in the same shipment as the inclinometer) though a Pioneer unit is installed at the moment, giving you a CD player, USB and AUX input. Above the rearview mirror and dome lights are controls for the rear Crystal Lite Roof shade controls with a manual sunroof just for the driver and front passenger. The glove box contains the original Delica user’s manual.

In back is the real place to be, with two spinning captain’s chairs in the same luscious fabric as the front, which can be spun around 360 degrees locking at various points, though it should be noted that in order to use the shoulder belts you must be facing forward. These two chairs can also slide forward and backward along the floor. The rear bench seat is donned in the familiar fabric pattern and has a center armrest. On the right wall opposite the sliding door is the rear controls for the rear heater and AC unit. Controls are also located for the driver up front. All the original floor mats are included and are way softer than floor mats should be for any vehicle. In the rear cargo area is a little bonus in the form of a plastic tray embossed with ‘MITSUBISHI’. Above in the roof is the defining characteristic of high-trim Delicas, the Crystal Lite Roof. 4 large curved glass panels give a excellent view of the sky while driving. Each shade can be individually opened or closed, or be toggled all at once. Rear vents and a large overhead fluorescent light show up here as well. Please note that the left front rear shade is ‘sticky’, the reason is the cable that drives the shade is damaged a bit meaning it can close all the way but will need to be helped along to open back up. Completing the aesthetic is curtains that can be drawn over all the exterior rear windows. You’d be hard pressed to find a newer, lower mileage, manual transmission Super Exceed. These L300 Delicas have the following they do for a reason, if you’d like to jump in you couldn’t do better than this 1994 Delica.

  • 1994 Mitsubishi Delica Star Wagon Super Exceed
  • 54,000 Miles (86,000 km)
  • 2.5L Turbo Diesel Engine
  • 5 Speed Manual Transmission
  • Four Wheel Drive
  • Auto Locking Hubs
  • Dual AC Systems
  • Cool Box
  • Crystal Lite Roof
  • 7 Seat Capacity
  • Rotating Captain’s Chairs
  • Right Hand Drive
  • Clean Florida Title

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