1993 Toyota HiAce Super Custom KZH100

“SUPER CUSTOM” decals on either side say it all. This is the JDM take on a mid 90s full size conversion van. A cabover turbo diesel RWD street machine meant to devour mile after mile while you cruise the highways without the lumbering bulk of a typical domestic.

Extremely unique exterior look with metallic bronze two-tone paint, already mentioned ‘SUPER CUSTOM’ decals and stripe pattern along the side, sick aftermarket wheels and cool factory spoiler on the back hatch. These HiAce vans have a presence that is both larger and smaller than you’d expect. These are by no means small vehicles, but they are surprisingly lithe despite their size.

Inside is a tea-and-chocolate soaked colorscape where browns abound. Seats are in perfect shape, dashboard is in perfect shape, all knobs and switches are in excellent shape. Visibility is excellent, giant windshield in front with windows almost everywhere you look. Air conditioning in both the front and back work as you expect, along with both front and rear heaters. Power windows and locks are included. As a bonus you get a little patch on the passenger floor mat that reads ‘TOYOTA Field Communication’. What that means is anyone’s guess, but it’s nice to have. In the back is where the rear party is. You have a panoramic sunroof in the ceiling providing all the light and air you can handle, with rotating center seats so you can face the rear passengers while bombing down the highway. Curtains that can give the rear passengers all the privacy they want, or, if you fold all the seats down and decide to sleep, privacy for when you are catching your Z’s.

With under 67,000 km or (under 42,000 miles) this turbo diesel JDM van is just getting started. KZ-powered HiAces are among the best vans you can import from Japan from any manufacturer. It’s perfectly at home being a #vanlife machine, a daily driver or a family hauler. Absolutely no issues keeping up with modern traffic, it will probably surprise you with just how much torque it has.

  • 1993 Toyota HiAce KZH100-0008555
  • 3 Liter KZ Turbo Diesel Engine
  • 4 Speed Automatic transmission
  • 42,000~ Miles (67,000 km)
  • RWD
  • Front and Rear AC and Heat Systems
  • Front, Center and Rear Sunroofs
  • Brand New Bridgestone Ecopia Tires
  • Right Hand Drive
  • Clean Florida Title

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