1993 Suzuki Every Joy Pop

While it is a trope for a dealership to claim that the car being sold was owned by a little old lady and only driven to church on Sundays, Japan has various tags that are to be applied to vehicles based on their owners. This Joy Pop was sold at auction wearing a 'koreisha mark', indicating that the driver of the vehicle is over 70 years old. Based on the amount of wood and sawdust on the inside of it when it arrived here in the USA I don't think the previous owner was taking it to church so much as maybe driving wood back and forth between a few locations. Based on the condition and low mileage I don’t imagine they drove much since 1993.

Exterior is white, with a set of white wheel covers. Tires are brand new, with no dents, rust, or corrosion to be found anywhere. Glass is clean, clear and also in perfect condition. Emblems and labels are in wonderfully good shape, with a bonus ‘AUTO PAL SHONAI’ sticker on the rear. Underside is remarkably clean as well. There are a few blemishes on the outside, most notably the front left and rear bumpers as shown in the pictures.

Interior is much like the exterior, just very clean and down-right perfect shape for something from 25 years ago. Fabric is clean and without tears or any visible wear at all. Steering wheel also shows little signs of use, with the rest of the dashboard and various plastics on the inside looking very much new. Floor mats show slight discoloration but otherwise are in good condition. Original stereo tape deck works perfectly, as well as the air conditioning system. Manual windows for all four doors which includes the ability to roll down the glass in the rear sliding doors. The only power lock available in this van is for the rear tailgate. Rear seat passengers get to share a single center armrest, but like most kei vans of this era they do not get seat belts. Front seats get standard shoulder belts. Rear cargo area is, you guessed it, extremely clean and shows almost no wear. Rear seats can be folded flat into the floor to give even more cargo capacity.

This 1993 Suzuki Every Joy Pop is about as clean and original as you can get. With incredibly low miles, extremely white paint and cute as hell matching white wheel covers it would be tough to find one as attractive too. Pop in your favorite mixtape, roll down all the windows, maybe crank the AC and pop some joy.

  • 1993 Suzuki Every Joy Pop DE51V-704532
  • 24,000 Miles (38,100~ km)
  • 660cc Engine
  • RWD
  • 5 Speed Manual Transmission
  • All Original
  • Bright White Paint
  • Super Rad Matching Wheel Covers
  • Air Conditioning
  • Right Hand Drive
  • Clean Florida Title

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