1992 Toyota Land Cruiser HDJ81 VX

Smash offroad and blast down highways smooth and comfortably. Mod it out for extreme overland adventures or just be the coolest person among every other boring SUV/CUV at Costco in this turbo diesel 5 speed body-on-frame JDM monster.

This Cruiser is a high-trim VX model. In addition to that sweet sweet turbo six and manual transmission, you also get a sunroof, cool compass/altimeter unit above the rearview mirror, power windows, limited slip diff, climate control, aftermarket component stereo system (which sounds quite excellent), 5 ‘JOAS VICTRON’ 2-piece gold wheels, factory original rear swing out spare tire mount, and aftermarket rear cargo drawers or, if you’re cool, ‘Adventure Safari Shelf’, in the rear. Unlike USDM 80 series Land Cruisers this one is in 2WD normally and is only in 4 wheel drive when you ask it to be.

Light metallic gold paint in good condition shines nicely with ‘turbo’ decals on the rear quarter panels. ‘FOUR WHEEL DRIVE’ inlays within the side trim let everyone know how many wheels of your truck can be driven at any time (hint: four!). Body wise is in excellent condition with only a small few blemishes here and there. A couple of spots are starting to bubble on the rear left window trim. Wheel wells are clean and clear, through the front fender flares do have a bit of minor separation in the along the seams. Another JDM touch is the integrated yellow fog lights within the headlight units themselves. Around back you have a factory-installed spare tire holder that swings out to allow access to the standard split tailgate. Underneath is spotless for being an almost 30 year old off road SUV, with the quintessential front and rear solid axles. Under the hood you are greeted with Toyota’s own HD engine along with two batteries. The starter on this rig is a 24v unit though the rest of the electrics are 12v.

Inside is beautiful in the way only 90s Toyotas are. Finished in a light brown/beige two-town combo, seats are comfortable and excellent with good support. As the previous owner was a non-smoker there is no smoke smell nor is there any burns of any kind. Original floor mats throughout in the same two down brown combo. Aftermarket Momo steering wheel has replaced the original. The gauge cluster shows another fantastic detail on this truck, 191,000 km, or for us USA types an incredibly low 119,000 miles. Center stack has your climate control with blizzard-level-cold AC and aftermarket Pioneer Japan-only GPS style with pop-out screen that also has TV and DVD playing capability (the DVD player itself is under the passenger seat). Under that is a nice Sanyo head unit that is capable of playing Mini Discs, CDs and accepting AUX inputs. Above the rearview mirror is the compass and altimeter combination unit. Above in the roof is the power sunroof with both slide back and tilt up capability. Below all of that is probably the star of this Land Cruiser, which is the 5 speed manual transmission. Headliner is clean and clear. Glovebox contains the original owner’s manual as well as 15 complete complete inspection/maintenance history reports going back to new. Rear seats are in great shape with the same two-tone pattern as the front. In the cargo area is the shelf/drawer system originally used to store various camping gear as well as a portable stove as the label on the door mentions to not use the stove while in motion. In the rear left portion here rests the OEM toolkit and bottle jack.

Front brake calipers have been replaced, along with new pads and a brake fluid flush. Front axle rebuilt with new seals, gaskets, knuckle bearings and new fluid.

This is a very clean, low mileage, turbo diesel, 5 speed manual Toyota Land Cruiser 80 series. It has never been abused, it’s never been smoked in and it is a one owner vehicle. It has all the original manuals, keys, maintenance history. To find a better example would be difficult. This is the perfect base for an overland rig or to simply use as a gloriously JDM daily driver, your choice.

  • 1992 Toyota Land Cruiser VX
  • 119,000 Miles (191,000 km)
  • 4.2L Turbo Diesel Engine
  • 5 Speed Manual Transmission
  • Four Wheel Drive
  • Body On Frame
  • Solid Axles Front and Back
  • Air Conditioning
  • Brand New Front Brake Calipers, Pads and Fluid
  • Front Axles Rebuilt
  • Right Hand Drive
  • Clean Florida Title

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