1992 Toyota Cresta JZX90 Tourer V

Overbuilt for the salary man, abused by drifters, the JZX90 is a heavily armed bruiser. To find one in nice enough shape is difficult, to find one completely unmodified is nigh impossible. Yet here is one before you. An original 5 speed manual car, untouched specimens don't come around often. Under 80,000 miles is a fantastic perk too. When I say this Cresta is unmodified I mean it, it is completely OEM original. Suspension, intake, exhaust, wheels, everything. Nothing is aftermarket, it is as it was when it left the factory in 1992. When you put your foot in it this car bolts, with only the deep inhale spool of the turbo chargers betraying your presence. Nobody looks at you, and when they might want to you’re already gone.

This Cresta is a sleeper. It’s design is conservative both visually and audibly. Visually, it looks like a Camry, maybe a Solara here in the USA. Deep, dark green metallic paint straight out of the 90s covers the exterior, with only the ‘Tourer V’ badge and maybe the spoiler giving away a slight tease of what capability lies within. Gunmetal wheels are MK4 Supra-esque, with six spokes instead of five.

Fabric rather than leather greets you inside, with seats that are comfortable and supportive. Layout of the gauge cluster is clean and simple, with seating for five. Original floor mats, along with the original steering wheel are here, with only the aftermarket head unit being the sole addition. Here too is the coveted 5 speed manual transmission. Glovebox contains maintenance history along with the original Cresta owner’s manual. Backseat is spacious and can easily handle actual adults. Trunk is large as well, with a full-size spare included along with the full tool set and jack.

The engine is the real star here, with Toyota’s famous JZ series being represented, specifically the 1JZ-GTE. 2.5 liters of displacement, with twin turbochargers and a listed 276 hp. Japan’s ‘Gentleman’s Agreement’ means this is lower than it should be. This gem of an engine drives the rear wheels through a five speed manual transmission.

This is by far the most powerful, muscular vehicle we’ve ever imported. Flip off the traction control and whip it around a corner and see just why these things are so popular in drifting. Then resume your day, flying up and down the roads without drawing attention to yourself (unless you go looking for it). This is an M5 by way of Toyota. A deep well of power along with the ironclad reliability and overbuilt chassis that only Toyota could deliver. I’d personally keep this car exactly as it is. The vast majority of JZX90s are modified, lowered, cambered, and beat. This one stands alone in that it’s a true 5 speed manual, unmodified, low mileage example. They are original only once, afterall.

  • 1992 Toyota Cresta JZX90-3006356
  • 2.5 Liter 1JZ-GTE Twin Turbo Straight Six
  • 5 Speed Manual Transmission
  • Rear Wheel Drive
  • 79,000~ Miles (126,000 km)
  • Absolutely Unmodified and Original
  • Air Conditioning
  • Right Hand Drive
  • Clean Florida Title

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