1992 Nissan Datsun Pickup QMD21-424254 Fire Truck

It’s hard to not flip the lights on, gun the engine, sound the siren and scream “OUTTA THE WAY, PECK” when you are in control of an actual emergency vehicle. Try to contain yourself, because while this is a fire truck, it’s also a wonderfully clean vehicle in its own right.

Well, it’s red. Fire engine red, perhaps the most red you can get. Gold and white stripes outline various body panels, with decorative corner pieces with the company that built this truck, ‘Morita’ inlaid within. Trim is flawless, as is the bumper corners, grill, front bumper, door handles, even the wheel center caps. We never did get the double cab variant here in the USA, so the truck has a somewhat unique profile to our western eyes. The front has the original emblem for the fire department front and center.

Being a fire truck the bed is where the ‘fire truck’ portion really exists. The bed has a specially-build diamond plate tray sitting on top of the original bed. This tray holds the now-empty pump base, used to slide the pump in and out. Various bars and hooks to hold ladders, hoses and various fire-fighting accessories are also here. The rear of the truck has a welded-on step to facilitate ease of access in the back, though if you peek behind it you’ll find the original truck intact. Usually you’ll find these trucks in Japan with one of the rear bed-sides cut in a way to allow a loop of hose to easily hang, thankfully this truck has it’s full bed. If we were to keep this truck, we’d pull out all the diamond plate, remove the rear step, source a tailgate, paint that same red, and leave everything else. In this way you get an actual functional truck with all the fire engine details that are important and stand out, namely the lights, sirens and decal work.

The interior is all business, with tan vinyl being the absolute dominant material you will see, feel and even hear. A testament to the mileage, there is simply no wear at all on the inside, none. Seats look and feel brand new, as does the door handles, knobs, steering wheel, pedals, you name it. Note that you do not get a tachometer, instead you simply get a space where the tach would be, with a ‘NISSAN’ logo and an abstract semicircle to fill the space. To your left of the steering wheel you get controls for the light bar and siren. The center stack reveals the special part of this fire truck that separates it from most others: functional air conditioning. Below this is the Osaka Siren control box, giving you access to the PA system, sirens and bells. There is an AM radio as well.

At the end of the day, this is a brand new 1992 Nissan 4WD double cab pickup truck. It just so happens to also be a fire engine with air conditioning. Just try to restrain yourself with the lights and sirens, the law isn’t very appreciative of fire-pretenders.

  • 1992 Nissan Datsun Pickup QMD21-424254 Fire Truck
  • 2000cc NA20 4cy Gasoline Engine
  • 5 Speed Manual Transmission
  • 6,555~ Miles (10,550 km)
  • Four Wheel Drive
  • Low Range
  • Air Conditioning
  • Light Bar
  • Osaka Siren PA System with Emergency Sirens, Bells and Voice Amplification
  • Asahi Motor Siren
  • Right Hand Drive
  • Clean Florida Title

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