1991 Toyota Land Cruiser PZJ70

Brutally efficient for offroad use, the 70 series Land Cruiser needs no introduction. This one is a short wheelbase model with front and rear locking differentials, 5 speed manual transmission and is equipped with the 5 cyl naturally aspirated PZ engine.

Stylistically the 70 series is based off the original 40 series, made famous here in the USA by the FJ40. Details include an inboard grill with a hood that tapers a bit toward the front, giving you left and right fenders over the front wheels. As this is a short wheelbase version, two doors on either side with the typical barn-door style rear opening. OEM running boards and dealer-installed bumper stick to tell you where your left front of your Cruiser is doing.

Inside is completely original like the outside, durable gray and white fabric over the seats, with the rear seat being a single bench. Original steering wheel with a plethora of gauges in the cluster. Speedometer and RPM gauges along with temperature, volt, fuel and oil pressure gauges. You might have noticed that the voltmeter shows ‘32V’ as the max, that’s due to this LandCruiser having a dual-battery, 24V electrical system. Lower down behind the wheel on the right is your hub lock and 4WD buttons, left side is your diff lock selector. Off, RR or FR and RR are your options. As-expected HVAC controls in the center stack along with an aftermarket tape and CD player which functions. This was a non-smoking vehicle so the ashtray is spotless and the cigarette lighter is unused. Electric mirrors, rear defrost and rear wipers round out the controls. Original floor mats are included as well. Rear bench seat can fold forward giving you more room for cargo in the back.

The J70 series has the reputation it does for a reason, and now you can own one of the most desirable Toyotas ever made.

  • 1991 Toyota Land Cruiser PZJ70
  • 3.5L PZ Diesel Engine
  • 5 Speed Manual Transmission
  • 174,640 Miles (281,055 kms)
  • Front and Rear Locking Differentials
  • Push-Button Locking Hubs
  • Solid Axles Front and Rear
  • Leaf Spring Suspension On All 4 Corners
  • Excellent Air Conditioning
  • Original and Unmodified
  • Completely Rust Free



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