1991 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado SX5 "Jazz" LJ78 Narrow Body

“So is that old? New?”

“Old, it’s a 91”

“It’s phenomenal”

An exchange at a stop light in this Cruiser with a 50+ year old woman. That was all that was said as the light turned green and we were off.

We start with this because we want to highlight just how pretty this Land Cruiser is, how much people can’t keep their eyes off it. We import a lot of cool stuff, and each vehicle has its charms. Some vehicles are more special than others. Some of them transcend even that and move even higher up. This 1991 Prado, with its exceptionally low miles, it’s clean bright paint, smooth panels and original body stripe is special. Even people that don’t care about cars, let alone classic SUVs, look at this.

Exterior-wise, this Prado wears Toyota’s ‘Super White’ single-stage paint dressed with the optional body stripe package, and boy does it shine. Included are original low-profile Toyota-branded rain guards for all four windows. Up front on the bumper is the OEM grill guard with factory-original yellow fog lights. Aluminum running boards are mounted on either side and are in great shape. The original wheels are here as well, all 5 (including the spare) have brand new BF Goodrich KO2s mounted, white letters out. All glass, lenses, logos and badges are in excellent shape. A nice bonus is the ‘Japan Automobile Federation' badge in the rear right inside window. There is no rust, no corrosion, no oxides of any kind on the body or the chassis. There is not a single detail out of place. It’s a stunner.

Inside is clean, comfortable and functional. Power windows, air conditioning, turbo emblazoned headrests, and perhaps the most important, the 5 speed manual transmission and the 3 pedals. On the center dash is a unique altimeter/thermometer combo telling you how high up you are, along with the interior and exterior temperatures in celsius. All the original instruction stickers are still here as well. Dash is not cracked or warped at all, door cards are clean and free of stains, rips or wear of any kind. Driver’s seat has a small tear where the seat piping is poking through. Rear seats are perfect, as are the third row seats. Everything functions as it should, glass has no chips or scratches. All switches work, lights and gauges function correctly. Included is the complete Toyota tool kit which includes a Toyota bottle jack and assorted wrenches, center cap removing and center cap applying tools, and a Toyota-branded foldable metal wheel chuck, tucked into a Toyota tool bag.

As this is a 30 year old vehicle there are flaws, though they are minor. There is a deep scratch on the left rear right quarter panel just before the tail light. The decal stripes have light scratches. The front right plastic corner has been impacted enough to give it a permanent crease, while the left front bumper has a smooth fist-sized impression on the face. Both rear bumper corners have gouges and scratches. Driver and passenger door edges have chips and paint wear, with the driver’s side having the worst of it.

‘Unique’ is a trite and overused word that has lost all meaning, but this 1991 Prado is perhaps the most deserving out of anything we’ve brought in. We’ve brought in rarer vehicles, we’ve brought in more technically special ones, but some vehicles just nail what they are trying to do so well that it can seemingly dim everything else around it with how brightly it shines. There aren’t many complete packages like this LJ71 Prado. This is authentic pop art you can daily drive, this is an engineering masterpiece with a touch of subtle whimsy. We truly love this truck, and we know you will too.

  • 1991 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado SX5 LJ78-0017452
  • 2.4 Liter Turbo Diesel
  • 5 Speed Manual Transmission
  • 30,000~ Miles (47,000 km)
  • Four Wheel Drive
  • Low Range
  • Solid Axles Front and Back
  • Air Conditioning
  • OEM Grill Guard
  • OEM Body Stripe
  • Right Hand Drive
  • Clean Florida Title

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