1991 Suzuki Every Turbo 'Aero Tune' 4WD

Take a commercial van, stuff it with sports car goodies, apply a body kit, downsize it because Japan and you end up with this Suzuki Every Turbo Aero Tune. It’s an all-wheel-drive ‘sports van’ complete with factory blow-off valve, 5 speed manual, body kit, cool fog lights and Momo-style OEM steering wheel.

Exterior is a single-stage white paint, donned with the Aero Tune body kit. This includes full lower cladding, front bumper, rear bumper, and sides. Completing the kit is a spoiler attached to the rear window. Cosmetically there is some paint missing on the roof, along with various scratches in the cladding. Body cladding has fading. Various emblems and decals are cracked, the stripes along the sides are also a bit faded with chips out along the top. Wheels are OEM originals, they happen to be the identical factory wheels that Suzuki equipped on the Cappuccino.

Inside is clean and fresh, door cards are in good shape, with no tears in the seat fabric. Original ‘TURBO INTERCOOLER’ emblems on the driver and passenger seat backs just in case you forget. A 7000 RPM redline is shown on the tach, along with a 140 KPH speedometer in a very 80s red scheme. The five digit odometer shows 36,111 km though it has rolled over once, meaning this has 136,111 km total. Dashboard is in good shape with an aftermarket Kenwood headunit installed in place of the original radio. You get a power lock button for the rear hatch, thought that is the only one. There is a little tray above the glovebox that recesses back into the dashboard, but the mechanism is broken so it no longer stays close when you push it closed. Back seats are in excellent shape with a bonus arm rest for the rear passengers to share. Rear cargo area is clear, with the door cards in the very rear having roughly-cut holes for speakers that are no longer installed. Headliner is clean and without tears. As is typical for kei vans, there are no seatbelts for the rear passengers. There is a heater mounted underneath the rear passenger seat.

Mechanically it’s a fantastic rocketship done up as a tiny van. Pulls hard, sounds great, looks great (even with the cosmetic problems) and is just a joy to drive around. Plus it is actually useful, you still get a van with the convenient sliding doors on both sides along with the large hatch for the rear. Air conditioning is equipped and does function but it is weak. Refrigerant pressure is good, compressor clicks on as it should, but as verified by our local AC specialist there is a clog in the lines as the high side and low side will have wildly different pressures when the system is running.
Cosmetically, condition issues include the already mentioned paint loss on the roof, and various scratches and fading on the body cladding. There are also two corrosion spots behind the sliding doors in the rear. On the left side there is a spot right above the ‘NO STEP’ sticker behind the slider. On the right side there is another portion of corrosion but on the rear section, also behind the sliding door. It is not visible from the outside with the doors shut but it is there.

Kei vans are always cool, but this one with its turbo charged engine, blow off valve hiss, AWD drivetrain and street racing body kit is probably at the top for coolest possible.

  • 1991 Suzuki Every Turbo Aero Tune DB51V-105627
  • 84,817 Miles (136,500 km)
  • 660cc Turbocharged Intercooled Engine
  • Full Time 4WD
  • 5 Speed Manual Transmission
  • Aero Tune Model
  • All Original
  • Right Hand Drive
  • Clean Florida Title

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