1991 Suzuki Carry 4WD Kei Truck Under 5,000 Miles

If you are familiar with JDM imports then you know that the standard white kei truck is the 'entry level' import. Generally they are used as commercial and industrial vehicles they are typically beat into the ground, hard. Even if the Suzuki Carry is the best selling kei truck in Japan you typically don't see them in this sort of condition.

This 1991 Carry is extraordinarily clean, as it has only gone 7,800 kilometers. The exterior paint is complete, no dents or dings to be found. Paint condition has few flaws, most notably along the rear sides and rear gate itself. Decals are clean and bright with no fading or damage visible. The original steel wheels are clean as well, with the center caps all present. 4 brand new tires have been installed. While most pickups here in the USA have but one gate on the tail-end (tailgate, get it), trucks in Japan can have up to three as this Carry is equipped with. Fold down the rear and sides to have complete flat access to the cargo area. You can also remove the gates as well if needed. Each panel can be folded down separately from each other, though the tailgate itself requires at least one side to be up in order to fold up. Underside is spotless, bushings, hoses rubber and even paint down here is pristine.

Inside is a cozy cab filled with plastic and rubber. There is no carpet in here, which is great for working conditions as you can quite literally hose the interior out if needed. Both driver and passenger seats are complete with no wear showing. Original Carry rubber floor showing little to no damage after 27 years. Dashboard, class, steering wheel, heck anything you can see inside looks new. Lifting up the seats reveals the engine, with another access panel in the bed held closed by 4 bolts.

Flip up the 4WD switch in the center console, click ‘Axle Lock’ on the dashboard and you’re ready to tear up offroad. While in 4WD mode you also have access to EL, which stands for ‘Extra Low’ gear. Slide the shifter all the way to the left, past 1st gear, and push forward, this is your low range in this tiny truck.

It might seem difficult to make a standard kei truck seem sexy when compared to things like Land Cruisers or Skylines, but these humble little vehicles are the backbone of incredible amounts of industry and commercial enterprises the world over. Maybe you could use one yourself.

  • 1991 Suzuki Carry 4WD DD51T-203237
  • 5,000 Miles (7,800 km)
  • 660cc Engine
  • 4WD
  • 5 Speed Manual Transmission
  • All Original
  • Bright White Paint
  • Right Hand Drive
  • Clean Florida Title

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