1989 Suzuki Jimny JA71

Fantastic condition, all original JDM Suzuki Jimny Turbo 4x4, known as the Samurai here in the USA. We did get the tin top variant, this one however has the bubble roof which includes a bunch more headroom with glass inserts in the rear upper panels. Body on frame, solid axle front and back and leaf springs all the way around with serious off-road running gear. This is a tiny but mighty true off-road capable vehicle. In Japan this is considered a kei class car, thus is limited in size and engine displacement. This is a one owner vehicle.

Exterior is great wearing original paint with original rad decals on the left and right sides including rear. Original wheels including original spare are on the rear as they should be. Yellow fog lights are in within the grill. Original 'Suzuki' mudflaps are included as well. The hood scoop is functional as that's where the intercooler lives under the hood.

Inside is fantastic as well, original seats, fabric, floor mats are all in great shape. Seats and door cards have neoprene inserts. This Jimny does have working air conditioning as well. The place for the stereo head unit is empty, waiting for a new system to be installed. Rear seat is on an aftermarket slide system, allowing the seat to be slid along rails to give more seating space or more cargo room in the back. The rear seat can fold forward and up giving you more cargo space. Under the hood is a 550 cc fuel injected 3 cyl turbo charged engine. Timing belt (and other accessory belts) were replaced in September of 2018 at 47,915 km, she's at 49,597 km now. Needs nothing besides a new owner.

  • 1989 Suzuki Jimny JA71
  • 550cc Turbo Charged 3 yl Engine
  • Four Wheel Drive
  • 5 Speed Manual Transmission
  • Low Range Transfercase
  • 30900~ Miles (49,600 kms)
  • Air Conditioning
  • Right Hand Drive
  • Factory Original In-grill Fog Lights
  • Bubble Top
  • Excellent Decals
  • Clean Florida Title

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