1988 Mitsubishi Delica Star Wagon Exceed

“A van that doesn’t suck” - Probably what the designers at Mitsubishi said when drawing up plans for the L300 Delica.

1988 Mitsibishi Delica Star Wagon Exceed, a turbo diesel, four wheel drive, manual transmission van with a hilarious amount of ground clearance. This isn’t just some lifted minivan, no, this is a true 4x4 turbo diesel vehicle. Solid rear axle, automatic locking front hubs, low range transfer case complete with skid bars and plates underneath. Cruises smoothly on pavement and plows through the brush when asked. It has some pretty rad decals on the side too. Having driven just under 130,000 km, or around 80,000 total miles, this is quite a low mileage vehicle for a 1980s offroader. This is a one owner vehicle.

A distinct shape that really looks the part of ‘Star Wagon’, excellent blue-and-white two tone color scheme, and factory standard bullbar and fog lights means this rad van will never ever be mistaken for anything else on US roads. Light metallic blue on top of white with large blue and black decals on the rear quarters. Not a spec of rust anywhere on the body with flawless fenders, underside welds and clean doors. All original and unmodified with the exception of the aftermarket ‘Rocks and Roads’ wheels, look pretty killer. With almost a foot of ground clearance you’d think this has been lifted but no, this is the factory ride height. Only a few exterior blemishes. Underneath is fantastic and quite clean.

The interior is remarkable for being 30 years old and all original. Original owner had seat covers on for the entirety of their ownership and it shows. All seats are in phenomenal shape. Original steering wheel, gauges, even factory stereo. Original inclinometer and altimeter mounted on the center of the dashboard. Inside the glovebox you’ll find the original owner’s manual and paperwork. Air conditioning is also equipped, though the refrigerant has long ago leaked away. In the back you’ll find two captain chairs that can rotate to face forward or backward, and be moved along tracks mounted in the floor to sit just exactly as you’d like. Rear bench seat has space for three people, meaning this Star Wagon can seat 7 adults comfortably. There is also a rear heater which can be controlled from here or the driver’s seat. Original carpets are in great shape and the original floor mats are included throughout. Rear cargo area as plenty of room with lots of space underneath the rear bench seat. Original tool kit and bottle back are included.

A classic low mileage gem Delica like this is pretty special, with a 5 speed manual transmission equipped makes it even a bit more unique. One of the greatest commanders of attention we’ve ever driven.

  • 1988 Mitsubishi Delica Star Wagon Exceed
  • 80,000 Miles (130,000 km)
  • 2.5L Turbo Diesel Engine
  • 5 Speed Manual Transmission
  • Four Wheel Drive
  • Auto Locking Hubs
  • Dual AC Systems (needs recharge and/or conversion, currently inoperable)
  • 7 Seat Capacity
  • Rotating Captains Chairs
  • Right Hand Drive
  • Excellent Decals
  • Clean Florida Title

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