1985 Toyota Hilux Surf LN61

This pristine all-original turbo diesel-powered 1985 Hilux Surf is a snapshot of Toyota at their 80s peak, directly in the center of the 1980s. Think of this as the Japanese cousin of the Toyota truck Marty McFly lusted after in Back to the Future. It’s very possible that this truck might be older than that one too, as this is the 907th Hilux Surf to roll off the line.

The biggest thing you notice on the outside is the fantastic orange and gold decals running along the sides, with giant lowercase ‘turbo’ mirrored on the doors. Next might be the fender-mounted mirrors, done because in Japan the spaces can get quite tight, so to save precious width the placed the mirrors there as to not stick out on the sides. Finally, if it isn’t the OEM chrome wheels it might just be the excellent overall shape the truck is in. Everywhere you look, rad rad RAD. The rear fiberglass roof can be removed, giving you a pretty sweet convertible. Underside is flawless with nary a hint of rust. The rear tailgate does have a sizable dent, however the glass still rolls down and the tailgate closes like it should. Under the hood is a 2.4L turbo diesel 4cyl named 2L-T.

Inside is ultra-clean with the original fabrics, plastics and rubbers all present and accounted for. Classic Toyota styling with an early 80s Toyota steering wheel front and center. Behind that is your gauge cluster with speed, RPM, oil, voltage, fuel and temperature gauges with bonus TURBO light glowing green when you’re spooling. Center stack is topped with an info pod showing angle, pitch and altitude, complete with ‘4WD TOYOTA’ logo. Moving down is your HVAC system which includes functioning air conditioning. Spotless ashtray and cigarette lighter ending in an aftermarket stereo system. Transmission lever and low-range stick with the rear wiper/washer, rear window lock and rear window up/down switch behind those. In the back an optional rear heater is included, with lap belts for the rear passengers. Rear seats can fold forward giving you a nice large and flat cargo area. Original Hilux floor mats throughout.

Extra goodies include complete original tool kit and bottle jack.

  • 1985 Toyota Hilux Surf #907
  • 2.4L Turbo Diesel 4cyl Engine
  • 4WD
  • 5 Speed Manual Transmission
  • 142338 Miles (229070 kms)
  • Air Conditioning
  • Completely Rad Decal Package
  • Fender-mounted Side Mirrors
  • Right Hand Drive
  • All Original
  • Out-Cools Most Everything on the Road
  • Complete Set of Original Keys



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