1980 2-Stroke Suzuki Carry 6,250 Total Miles

This is a 2-stroke kei truck. No oil changes here, you are instead simply tasked with keeping the 2-stroke oil feed tank filled and the truck mixes it automatically. That’s right, you do not premix the oil and fuel here. Just fill it with gasoline like any normal car, be sure to not let the oil tank go dry, and you’re all set. With 10,000 total km (yes, really) this was an old farm truck in Japan. Preserved exactly as it was when it left the factory, this is the perfect platform for a unique build. Or keep it as is and run around town sounding like lawn equipment!

The exterior isn’t perfect. There is some damage on the front from a minor impact long ago, along with typical scrapes from 40 years of use. The bed too has typical wear from loading and unloading cargo all that time. No rust through and no flaking or corrosion.

The seats inside are in excellent shape, with a single small tear on the driver’s side. The single back support is essentially perfect. Door cards too are flawless. Original AM radio is where it was from factory and functions great. There is an option for a rubber floor but considering the mileage and wear I don’t believe it was ever installed.

This Suzuki Carry is very unique. White kei trucks are fairly common these days, but a 40 year old, all original, 10,000 km 2-stroke isn’t. The tires are new and the truck runs fantasti. It needs absolutely nothing. Inlcudes original owner's manual and maintence history.

  • 1980 Suzuki Carry 2-stroke ST30-260260
  • 6,250 Miles (10,000 km)
  • 550 cc 2-Stroke Gasoline Engine
  • 4 Speed Manual Transmission
  • Right Hand Drive
  • Clean Florida Title

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