About Limerence Motor Co.

A husband and wife team, Limerence Motor Company is a licensed dealership and importer of classic Japanese domestic vehicles, located on Florida's Suncoast. All of our vehicles are located at our warehouse, are completely Federally legal and are ready for their new owners. Buying a vehicle from us is exactly like buying a car normally, there is no hassle or effort required since we've done all the work for you. You receive a clean and clear transferable title along with your unique car or truck. All our vehicles are in our possession here in the U.S. and are ready to go.

What started as a chance purchase of a 1990 Honda Street kei van in 2016 has turned into a full-time obsession of ours. We tend to specialize on the more off-beat and obscure vehicles like Toyota HiAces, Suzuki Jimnys and Daihatsu Ruggers, with an eye for all original and unmodified examples with lower mileage, manual transmissions, diesel engines and rad decals.

While importing vehicles for sale is one thing, we also daily drive JDM vehicles ourselves. Most of our clients tend to not go so far as to use a unique JDM vehicle as their daily, but we do. 80s turbo diesel trucks to 4x4 vans to luxury cruising station wagons to exotic kei cars like the AZ-1, we’ve lived with them all.

Contact us today and let us make your JDM obsession become reality.