About Limerence Motor Co.

Limerence Motor Co.

The Limerence Motor Company has been specializing in importing some of Japans finest and most unique examples of 80s and 90s era off-road and street duty vehicles since 2017. The opportunity to experience vehicles as they were in their time and place, now relocated to the sunny Sarasota of today, has been the driving passion behind each car brought over. To bring the experience of a ticking diesel 5-speed, the whirr of a turbo-charged 6 cylinder, or the buzz of a high-revving 660cc engine to our customers is a fulfilling mission. Few things in life bring the smiles like that of sitting behind the wheel of something truly special to you.

At Limerence Motor Company, we're a different kind of dealership. We take great care in selecting, importing, and maintaining our cars. The prices listed are representative of the time and effort we apply to making sure these cars are as good as they can be for you, and reflect the uniqueness and relative difficulty to obtain clean examples of the cars we stock. We choose prices that we consider fair market rates where a market exists, and otherwise indicate the time and effort involved in procuring and providing the best examples possible. We do not move cars in volume; we believe in quality, not quantity. When you come to us to buy one of our cars, you can expect a no-hassle, no-haggle experience that is geared towards making your purchase as fun and enjoyable as driving your new JDM gem into your driveway for the first time!

Whether you're a seasoned right hand drive buyer or someone who's interest has been piqued by a curious car you've never seen before, Limerence Motor Company has the car for you, and the story to go with it!

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